Released Joooid 2.6.0

data 03/11/2014

It's with great pleasure that we announce that after months of work, Joooid 2.6.0 has been released.
In this version all known bugs has been fixed and we introduced many improvements about performance, user experience and new features, to allow you to manage in an always more confortable way your Joomla! website.


Unfortunately all of this improvements are coming with a price: this version will not support Joomla 1.5 and Android versions less than or equal to 2.3 anymore.

Re-designed Homepage

The very first screen you will see is a fullscreen login page, where you can insert your Joomla credential and website. If you already are a Joooid user your account will be preserved. If you are a new user you just will need to add your username and password and the base url of your website, and only if you have particular server configurations you will need to ad further parameters (http authentication or webservice endpoint).
Once you will log-in you won't find the classic Joooid Homepage anymore, but you will immediatly get your articles list, you can now navigate through various screens by a more quick drawer menu, so now you can reach every screen and feature just with one swipe and one click.

Latest Android User Experience

Since Android User Experience has been evolved, Joooid evolved too. The drawer menu is the biggest example of this change. You can swipe in every first level screen to get the drawer menu, by which you can get every other feature with few actions. Also you can change user directly from the drawer menu, if you have more the one user. In articles and user manager , where you already have a search feature, you have a search box just in Joooid action bar, so you can quickly search through articles and articles, just typing what you are searching for in the action bar. Drag & Drop has been introduced where you need to order items, such as in Featured Article management and the WYSIWYG editor.

Article Manager

The structure of article manager has been partially redesigned.
Search tab is now invisible at first, but you can open it with just one single click.
Now you have the list of your articles and the web preview of the selected article. You can see it directoly online, even if it's a protected one, since you will be logged directly on the web with your account, or you can edit it in the usual way.

Improved WYSIWYG editor

As just said the editor with which you can create articles has a useful new feature: Drag & Drop. This means that now you have not a bunch of buttons distracting you from create your articles anymore. You have now a clean interface, showing just your content (text, images, youtube videos, maps...).
You can now change the order of your block of content just dragging the block and dropping it in the position you desire. This is a more intuitive, simple and quick way to work.
If you want to edit or configure a single block of content , you just need to touch that block and a contextual overlay menu will appear just on your block of content. Here you can change texts, upload images, set maps, or upload videos.
But you can have an overall look of how your page will appear.


Three new Premium features: Groups, Access Levels and Global Configuration

With Joooid 2.6.0 two new features has been introduced.
Now you can create edit and manage both User groups (such as Administrator, Public, Manager, ...), Access Levels (such as Public, Registered, Special,...) and you can edit Joomla Global Configuration.