Released Joooid 2.4.0

data 04/02/2014

Joooid team is proud to announce Joooid 2.4.0 has been released. A lot of new features both application and component side like search in Article Manager, User Manager and Draft Manager and new metadata option in articles and categories.


Search in Article Manager, User Manager and Draft Manager

Now you can search through articles and users, using the new powerful Search Feature. If from now on, you will not need long scrolling, you can reach directly articles and users you are looking for with few steps. You can specify a filter criteria to search your articles by fields like Title, Status, Access Level, Category and Language or any combination of them. You can also order results for a specific field in ascendent or descendent order. And if you have thousands of users, you can use the same feature in User Manager, so you can block, unblock or search a specific user.

Publishing and metadata option in articles and categories

During the creation or the edit of an article, it is possible to change Joomla options related to that article. You can change creation, start publishing and end publishing date, and also, the owner of the article and his alias. For more advanced users it is possible to change also Metadata options, such as: Meta Description, Keywords related to the article, Robots (Web Spiders) directives, informations about Author and Rights, and the External Reference

Draft Manager

The Draft Manager has been redesigned and the Search feature has been added, providing a more clear and simple navigation of drafts and article local copies.

Improved Widget
Now statistics on Users connected on your website are more precise.

Code refactoring

What is important is not visible to the eyes! A big effort has been spent on making a better and faster code. Big changes of the underlying code will provide a faster app, a faster development of new features and a faster bugfix.


Joomla Component
Unique Component for both Joomla 2.x and 3.x

Until now, you had to install a different version of Joooid, according to your Joomla version. Now there is only one plugin for both versions.

Auto enable of Joooid Plugins on new installation

Only for new installations: now you have not to enable Joooid plugins anymore! They are automatically enabled.

Please remember to UPDATE Joooid Component and Plugins on Joomla!
Joomla should alert you about some plugins that need an update, but if this won't happen, please do it manually.
If Joomla unfortunately doesn't advice you to update Joooid, please remove Joooid Component on Joomla, download the latest version from and install it again.