Development Blog

  • data 18/10/2010

    Released Joooid 1.1 beta 2

    Is out Joooid 1.1 beta 2.

    The main new feature is in the layout management now completely modular, you can now add multiple layout textbox in introtext and fulltext.

    The draft manager is actually blocked as I have to reimplement this feature in front of these changes.

  • data 27/09/2010

    Bugfix Relase Joooid 1.1 beta

    • fixed resolution problems with 480x800 screens
    • fixed location problems, now gps will turn off after getting the current location to save batteries
  • data 23/02/2010

    Released Joooid 1.1 beta

    Released Joooid 1.1 beta. Lots of improvements and new features:

    - new html tags : bold, italic,underline, quotes, paragraph, linebreak, ruler, h1, h2, h3

    • text alignment: center, left, full
    • link creation button
    • modular layout creation: you can place maps, images, galleries evwrywheree in the layout (soon more layout elements)
    • improved preferences: implemented seekbars to manage elements size.

    have a look at the new features.

  • data 23/01/2010

    Released Joooid 1.0.6

    Released Joooid 1.0.6. Updated only the application, the plugin remains the same (1.0.5).


    modified the article and draft manager to avoid problems with devices that don't have trackball or pad to select the article;

  • data 17/01/2010

    Released Joooid 1.0.5 and joooid_plugin 1.0.5

    I released a new Joooid version with a new fancy main menu.

    • you are not forced to enable location to post a new article, if location is not enabled the map checkbox is simply deactivated
    • the article manager don't freeze anymore if you don't select a item beofre perform an action like trash or publish
    New features:
    • Added all article's publishing functionality: trash, publish, unpublish with icons in the listview
    • Added the frontpage publishing in articles