Development Blog

  • data 20/07/2013

    Released Joooid 2.3.5

    Relaeased Joooid 2.3.5

    We're proud to announce Joooid version 2.3.5, we included many bug fixes and a lot of improvements:

    • upgraded Map Picker to Android maps v.2
    • rewritten the progress dialog and tasks management
    • improved gps management and added support for devices without gps hardware
    • improved debugger, now we can see your error stacktrace in case of fatal error to help fix php issues
    • many usability and optimisation improvements


  • data 02/04/2013

    Released Joooid 2.3

    We've just reache 50.000 installations, thank you all for your support!!! In this release you will find a little gift that we made for thank all Joooid users, a brand new desktop widget to help you monitor your Joomla! installation in real time.

  • data 05/02/2013

    Released Joooid 2.2.0

    After several months of work, we're proud to announce Joooid 2.2.0. We made a lot of improvement like supporting languages, custom access level and introduced the new Draft manager, heavy bugfix and some UI improvements.

    We also released a Premium Package with 5 new features : category manager, media manager, frontpage, menu items, Joomla user manager. We decided to introduce some Premium features in order to support the project development and make Joooid always better.

  • data 19/12/2012

    Released Joooid 2.1.0

    Released Joooid 2.1.0, here the new features list

    • Joomla permission support for create, edit, edit state and edit own in articles
    • Support for the Joomla integrated update component/plugin system: this is the last manual update, from now on you can update automatically from Joomla backend.
    • Multipart uploader : large file upload support ( tested with more than 100 mb )
    • Support for remote images from gallery (picasa images in android gallery) and from share from external apps (like facebook)
    • Login manager redesign
    • File uploader redesign
    • Draft manager redesign
    • Added localizations for French, Turkish, Serbian
    Joomla permission support

    Support Joomla permissions for create, edit, edit state and edit own in articles and categories. Now you can access only categories and articles you have permissions to, publish articles in categories based on your group permissions, this allows to use Joooid collaboratively preserving roles (author, editor, publisher etc) you defined for the user.

      The editor in gallery image n.1 have the status selection, the frontpage and publish date disabled because the user doesn't have the edit.state permission on that article. In the article manager in gallery image n.2 the user have full permsission on that article (edit, edit.state, edit.own), in gallery image n.3 user have only edit permsission, in image gallery n.4 the user have no permission on the article.

    • data 04/09/2012

      Released Joooid 2.0.1 Bugfix

      New bugfix release for Joooid 2.0, fixed some major/minor issues, please test it and report further problems. We need a french translator please anyone interested download the translation file from the download area and send it to info[at], thank you in advance.