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Joooid features tour

Joooid is an Android client for Joomla: it has been created to publish articles with text, images, galleries and geolocated maps, you can also save and manage drafts to publish later with the Draft manager. Another Joooid feature is the article manager that allows to browse, preview, edit, publish or trash articles and an utility that uploads files from the Android device directly into your Joomla website.
But Joooid doesn't allow you only to manage your articles, Joooid Premium Package increases the possibility to control your Joomla website: you can manage categories in your site, as well as browse, download and preview files on your Joomla installation with the Media Manager.
You also will be able to administrate articles shown in Frontpage, changing their order and add new ones; manage your menu items, adding them to menus, or editing them; manage users registered to your website, blocking or unblocking them and add new ones.

Article Editor

The article editor lets you create new articles or edit existing ones, it is composed by three tabs: the article tab, the content tab and the settings tab. It also contains a quick access to draft manager to save or load drafts.

Article Tab

In article tab you can change article title, alias, category, status, access level, language. You can also schedule article publishing with the publish date option and promote the article in front page with the frontpage toggle, you can publish or edit current article by pressing the apply button.

Content Tab

In content tab you create or modify the article content, you can add various layout elements (text, images etc.) by pressing the add element button, you can change layouts position by pressing the up and down arrow buttons or delete them by pressing the delete button.

Html Wysiwyg

In the article content tab you can add text boxes and edit them with a mini wysiwyg editor that on focus goes fullscreen. You can use different markup elements like bold, italic, underline, delete, quotes and h2 to h6. You can also embed links or set the paragraph alignment to left, center, right or fill.

Images, Galleries, Videos

You can embed images and galleries in your articles using pics from your sdcard or taking a shot with your camera app and then share it to Joooid. You can also add Youtube videos : simply add a youtube element and copy the video url in the form then press the embed button or share a video from the Youtube App directly to Joooid.

Share from everywhere

Since 2.0 version, Joooid has the share option. You can share content from almost every android app, add images and galleries using pictures from your sdcard. Add youtube videos simply copying the video url in the youtube layout or share images and videos with Joooid directly from Image Gallery or Youtube App.

In the image gallery below you can see Joooid share button from Gallery App, Youtube, Google Maps and Browser but you can share also from Twitter and almost every appliction that supports sharing text, links, images and videos.

Article Geotagging

You can embed maps with your current location : simply enable location in the option menu, then add a map element and in the "select location" dialog choose "use current location". You can also set a different location on the map using the map picker or through reverse geocoding, simply typing the address and searching.

Article Settings

In this tab you can change article display settings for every layout kind of element you can embed with Joooid like width/height, crop size for images/thumbnails, map type, zoomlevel, player theme, autoplay and so on.

Demo Article

This article is an example of mobile blogging, this article was written an published with Joooid from an Android device.

You can insert different layout elements like text paragraphs, images, galleries and maps. You can configure several parameters for every layout element like image resize width/height and some css parameters like border size, hspace/vspace and so on.

This a text box, here you can insert text with a wysiwyg editor, you can use some html markup like Bold, Italic, Underline, delete, Quote, Link and optionally an image. The one below is a single image element.

This is an image gallery, you can configure both image and thumbs width/height, number of columns and border size.

This one is a google map, you can use your gps and put a marker with your current position on it. You don't need to install no api-key and no plugin in order to make it work because now the component uses Google Maps api v.3 and all the code is embedded automatically by the new Joooid Content Plugin.

You can also add youtube videos : simply add a youtube element and copy the video url in the form then press the embed button.

Article Manager

The Article manager lets you browse, edit, publish, unpublish, or trash articles in your Joomla installation. There is also a special cache mechanism in Joooid that lets you edit articles you already published from the application in Joooid format instead of simple html: if you have a cached local copy in the article manager in the contextual menu will appear the "edit local copy" option.

Joomla Permissions

Joooid supports Joomla permissions for create, edit, edit state and edit own in articles and categories. Now you can access only categories and articles you have permissions to, publish articles in categories based on your group permissions, this allows to use Joooid collaboratively preserving roles (author, editor, publisher etc) you defined for the user.

Draft Manager

The draft manager lets you restore articles saved as draft, you can save a draft simply by pressing the save draft button in option menu . The draft manager contains draft you saved (online or offline) and also local copies of articles published from Joooid app.

File Uploader

The file uploader lets you browse sdcard files and upload them directly in your Joomla installation in a directory of your choice in the images folder or in one of its subdirectories.


Joooid desktop widget is useful tool to help you monitor your website in real time : it contains a main view where you can find some useful informations about your site like if it's online/offline, number of guests connected, number of users/administrators actually logged to your website and the number of messages for the current user.
There are also 2 tabs containing the latest 5 articles written and the latest users registered to your website.

Login Manager

The login manager allows you to login to your Joomla site and save the account you logged in with. You can manage different accounts from the same Joooid application, all you have to do is to create a login account once within the login mananger, then you can switch from an account to another simply selecting the user/website you want to manage from the user spinner in homepage.

Premium Package

If you enjoy using Joooid you can purchase Joooid Premium Package, once you buy the package you will get all the present and future Premium features and lifetime updates. The package comes with new useful features to manage your Joomla website :

Category Manager

With Category manager you can create and edit categories you have permissions to, on your Joomla website in the same way you do with articles in article manager. You can set and edit title, alias, description and the parent directory. You can also configure category status, access level, and language or move subcategories from one parent to another.

Media Manager

This section allows you to browse media files inside image directory on your server, and its subfolders. You can watch a preview of the media (photos,videos,pdf,documents and so on), or download files on your device. There is also the possibility to quickly upload a file to the same directory you are browsing.

Frontpage Manager

With this feature you can manage articles promoted to frontpage. You can add articles promoting them to frontpage, or you can remove some of them, moreover you can set the order articles will appear in the frontpage.

Menu Items

Sometime you need to create menu elements quickly s. You can do it by creating Menu Items within a specific existing menu. You can create, list or edit them, like you do with articles, but here you can specify what kind of element this belongs to. You can create a link to a single article, a category, a list of articles, an external url...

User Manager

User manager section lets you create, edit or block users on your website. You can decide properties like username, password, blocked, and you can add one or more user groups to a user.

Tablet Version

Since version 2.0, Jooois is built on Android Fragment framework, hence the application is compatible with tablets. The UI has been refactored to be used on both smartphones and tablets with the same apk, the tablet interface was adapetd to be more usable on big screens. Enjoy it on your tablet!