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Configure Joooid Plugins on Joomla 1.5

1. Install Joooid plugin

Download the plugin in the download area.

Go to your Administrator Panel,

click on Install/Uninstall from the Extension Tab :


Click on the Browse button and choose the Joooid-XMLRPC plugin you've downloaded from the download area, then click on Upload File & Install, repeat the same operation for the Joooid-Content plugin.

2. Enable the plugins

Go to the plugin manager in the Extensions tab :


Search the XML-RPC plugins and enable them (Joooid-XML-RPC and Joooid-Content),

make shure that all the items are checked :

3. Enable the XML-RPC Webservices

Click on Global Configuration in the Site Tab :


click on System and check "yes" on the Enable Web Services radio button :


Login with Joooid Application

Once you have done all previous configuration you can create an account in Joooid and connect to your Joomla website. In the main application panel click Login then then select your Joomla version (2.5/1.5), enter your Joomla url (eg."http://www.yourjoomlasite.com" or "http;//www.yoursite.com/joomladir" if your joomla installation is not in the website root) username and password , then click create account.

Joooid supports even https connections and http authentication you can configure those parameters in the login tab. You can also configure Joooid endpoint url in case you have connection issues related to seo components or url rewriting.