Component update

data 29/01/2013

This tutorial explains how to update Joooid componet from Joooid manually from your Joomla! backend

Joooid supports Joomla automatic updates system, you will be notified by Joomla when new updates are available.

Go to your Administrator Panel, select Manage -> Update from the Extensions Menu.

You will get this page, where you need to click on the highlighted checkbox, to select all available updates.

If you have other updates that you don't want to run, please select only Joooid Component and Plugins.

Once you have selected what you want to update, click on the Update button.

If it all went in the right way you sholud obtain the following result messages:

Click on Manage -> Components to check if the component was updated correctly.

Now you have installed the last version of Joooid Plugin.